The Aluminum Revolution

There’s a Market Change taking Place

For anyone buying or selling Truck Equipment, there’s a market change in action that impacts us all. There’s a significant shift away from heavy steel to strong, lightweight aluminum. This is a transition that we’ve witnessed for the last 10 years in aluminum trailers and one that we’re watching play out now with Ford trucks and in the truck equipment industry with many truck equipment manufacturers. Dealers and end users that anticipate this change will benefit the most.

The interest in Aluminum comes from many different angles. Ultimately, what drives it at the Truck Upfitter level is demand. Through increased education and street level exposure, end users are asking for aluminum - and they’re asking for a multitude of reasons.

Near the top of the list is that the premium for aluminum isn’t what it used to be. The combination of engineering and manufacturing efficiencies have allowed aluminum bodies to be priced similar to, and in some cases even better than, steel.

If there were only one or two drivers, this change might happen slowly, but that’s not the case. There are many drivers that span the spectrum, from increased profitability to recognizing the green benefits. The Green Truck Association places a significant focus (one of three council groups) on lightweight components as a goal of improving “the efficiency and productivity of work trucks” to reduce fuel consumption. (More about the Green Truck Association)


What are the Facts that are driving this change?

Aluminum Provides these Hard Profits:

  • Less fuel consumption (better gas mileage through 45-50% lower weight bodies)
  • Fewer miles driven (impacts gas and labor) through higher payloads
  • Less annual maintenance - No rust or repaint
  • Less wear and tear on the truck chassis by being 45-50% lighter than steel bodies
  • Higher truck resale value. Rusty steel bodies actually reduce resale value
  • Aluminum bodies almost always carry longer warranties

Soft Benefits:

  • Superior company image with customers and over the road
  • More comfortable ride for drivers
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • More environmentally friendly -aluminum produces fewer greenhouse gases than other metals
  • Contributing to the Green Truck movement of sustainability

Make your next body aluminum. You will be glad you made the switch after your first ride to the pumps.